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Vocabulary Chapter-2

Dictionary ကုိအသံုးမျပဳပဲနဲ႕Vocabulary မ်ား၏အဓိပၸာယ္ေတြကုိ စာေႀကာင္းေတြကေနခန္႕မွန္းျပီးေတာ့ ေအာက္တြင္ေဖာ္ျပထားေသာသံုးလံုးထဲမွအနီးစပ္ဆံုးစာလံုးကိုေရြးပါ။

1) dialog - n
  • The movie was shown with English subtitles because all its dialog was in French.
  • At the PCA meeting last night, a dialog between parents and the faculty helped to clear up some differences between them.

Dialog means- a. a title b. a conversation c. an action

2) erratic - n

  • Children's eating habits are erratic. One day they'll barely eat, and the next they'll eat enough for three.
  • The driver ahead of me was erratic - he kept changing his speed and his lame.

Erratic means- a. noisy b. healthy c. irregular

3) extensive - adj

  • Selina did extensive research for her paper - it took her several weeks.
  • To save the wounded police officer, doctors performed extensive surgery that lasted for hours.

Extensive means- a. done quickly b. risky c. large in amount

4) forfeit - v

  • The basketball players were upset when the team bus broke down and they had to forfeit an important game.
  • If Phil damages his parents' car againg, he will forfeit the right to drive more.

Forfeit means- a. to give up b. to win c. to ignore

5) fortify - v

  • The night before running a marathon, Elsa fortifies herself by eating a large plate of pasta.
  • The builders plan to fortify the old tower with steel beams.

Fortify means- a. to relax b. to strengthen c. to prove

6) illuminate - v

  • Before electricity, streets were illuminated by gaslight.
  • On Halloween, we made our trick-or-treat rounds with a flashlight to illuminate the way.

Illuminate means- a. to lose b. to clean c. to light up

7) isolate - v

  • I thought I would enjoy isolating myself at the vacation cabin, but I soon felt lonely.
  • Freddy was such a troublemaker that the teacher put his desk in a far corner to isolate him from the other students.

Isolate means- a. to protect b. to separate c. to recognize

8) refuge - n

  • A motorcycle offers no refuge in bad weather.
  • My boyfriend and I first met when we took refuge in the same doorway during a sudden rain.

Refuge means- a. a shelter b. transportation c. a reason

9) reminisce- v

  • On their wedding anniversary, Lenny and Jean reminisced about their first date.
  • My father showed me his trophy and reminisced about his years as a star basketball player.

Reminisce means- a. to remember b. to forget c. to ask

10) urban- adj

  • Skyscrapers make for tightly packed urban populations. For example, some 16,000 people work in the Sears Tower in Chicago.
  • Gladys likes urban living because she grew up in the city, but Emilio, who grew up on a farm, prefers country life.

Urban means- a. country b. city c. national


1) dialog- B [ အျပန္အလွန္စကားေျပာ ]

2) erratic- C [ တစ္သမတ္တည္းမဟုတ္ေသာ၊ အေျပာင္းအလဲျမန္ေသာ ]

3) extensive- C [ က်ယ္ျပန္႕ေသာ ]

4) forfeit- A [ လက္လႊတ္အဆံုးရံႈးခံသည္ ]

5) fortify- A [ ခုခံႏိုင္ရန္ အခိုင္အခံ့ ျပဳလုပ္သည္ ]

6) illuminate- C [ မီးထြန္းသည္ ]

7) isolate- B [ သီးသန္႕ထားသည္၊ သီးျခားရွိေစသည္ ]

8) refuge- A [ ခုိလံႈရာ ]

9) reminisce- A [ ျပန္စဥ္းစားသည္၊ စားျမံဳ႕ျပန္သည္ ]

10) urban- B [ ျမိဳ႕ျပႏွင့္သက္ဆုိင္ေသာ ]

Matching Words with Definitions

1) To light up

2) To lose through some fault; to be forced to give up by way of penalty

3) Shelter; protection

4) Of or in a city

5) A conversation; the conversation between characters in a story, novel, or play

6) To separate from others

7) Large in space or amount

8) To strengthen

9) To remember and talk about the past

10) Not consistent


1) illuminate

2) forfeit

3) refuge

4) urban

5) dialog

6) isolate

7) extensive

8) fortify

9) reminisce

10) erratic


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